Investors and the HODLCommodity

When I speak about the HODLCommodity to crypto people, they frequently ask how they can invest in it. This is where the HODLCommodity tends to surprise people. It’s not looking for investors who want an arm’s distance relationship, but rather it’s looking for people who will invest themselves in the project.

from Jean-Philippe Beaudet

We are the capital

In the HODLCommodity project, we are the capital. As illustrated well within the dynamics of buying and selling, the ability to save and then withdraw comes from the network participants. This is the main reason why there is a transactional limit amount. It might not be well suited for classical crypto investors and venture capitalists, as it is difficult to invest a large sum in the project just yet. This is meant to ensure that the network attains a certain threshold of participants before the transaction is unlocked and that the network can fly on its own.

What does we are the capital mean?

It means that the HODLCommodity project is community-based. Every participant has a natural interest in promoting or contributing to the project, from technical, to design to translation to sharing media content. Each of these actions adds value to the network, which benefits the stakeHODLers.

StakeHODLer effect

An interesting thing about this dynamic is that it reverses the normal balance of things, which generally will include a large marketing budget, a referral program, and consumer psychology to create a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect. For the HODLCommodity, the FOMO effect builts itself outward, using a small community approach to reach more people every day. Not unlike Bitcoin at its starting point, the HODLCommodity needs to grow organically. Communities need to be created in every language and culture so that people around the world can become stakeHODLers themselves. Thus, putting energy into their capital and building a reliable and decentralized savings mechanism together.

This community-based approach elicits the question, does the HODLCommodity have a budget for growth? Although this question is valid for the concept of a project building remarkable technology, it means nothing in the context of HODLCommodity. The network does not depend on a budget; it depends on collective work. Should the HODLCommodity need a budget, the stakeHODLers have a vested interest in banding together to find a solution (note that the answer may not be financial but human resources). In time, there will be business, such as exchanges, that will be built upon the network. These entities may need investment like any other business, but this is not the network.

The future of we capital

Yet without a budget, the HODLCommodity community is already starting to flourish. This is because, like the HODLCommodity itself, the HODLCommodity community is unique and self-possessed. This is the future of ‘we capital’*, where contribution factors as highly as financial investment.

The future of the HODLCommodity is written in the stars. It is a future where the HODLCommodity serves as hedging and savings mechanism for all major cryptocurrencies that cannot be controlled, censored, or seized.

  • Not an association to WE Capital, but we appreciate and admire their mission.

IMPORTANT: The HODL project and its originators do not guarantee any outcome. Investing in any crypto project is a risk. You could lose the money you invested. Participants need to educate themselves as to the risks of investing in HODL. Never invest any money in a crypto project that you cannot comfortably afford to lose.

This article is not intended as financial advice. Please do your own research.

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